The stars are silent, but we fill the night air with our songs.
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 Shining Stars In the Night

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Shining Star - Alpha Male
Shining Star - Alpha Male

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PostSubject: Shining Stars In the Night   Tue Dec 06, 2011 3:01 am

These are the wolves who are the main leaders of the pack. They will do anything to protect their pack even at the cost of their lives. They are often referred to as the brightest stars in the night sky and each will shine brightly during their time before they depart from this world. They love the pack as if they were their own family. Everything they do is to benefit the pack in every way. Some would consider them above the pack but they prefer to live amongst it. There is nothing that can stop these wolves from protecting the pack that they love.

Females: 1
Males: 1

Alpha Female: Pandora (Ripping Winds)
Alpha Male: Hector (major-threat)

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Shining Stars In the Night
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