The stars are silent, but we fill the night air with our songs.
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 Radiant Supernovas

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Shining Star - Alpha Male
Shining Star - Alpha Male

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PostSubject: Radiant Supernovas   Tue Dec 06, 2011 3:06 am

These wolves are the brute strength of the pack. They are the guardians who protect the pack with all their power. When there is any danger, these are the wolves to call. Usually born larger than their littermates, these wolves are solid muscle. Trying to take on one of these powerhouses is like trying to take on an incoming train. While they may not have stamina or speed, they are well known for their toughness. Without these wolves, it would be a lot harder for the pack to sleep at night.

Females: 1
Males: 2

Female: Ameerie (Ameerie)
Male: Obelix (Ninja_wolfs963)
Male: Leo (Soulblue)

Airi-chan is cuter than you =^_^=
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Radiant Supernovas
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