The stars are silent, but we fill the night air with our songs.
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 Silent Night Shadows

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Shining Star - Alpha Male

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PostSubject: Silent Night Shadows   Tue Dec 06, 2011 3:09 am

These wolves are the ones who bring the food home. They are slim and able to run long distances without growing exhausted. They have much more experience than any other rank when it comes to the hunt. Able to work together with ease is a skill that they just possess naturally. Sometimes they'll hunt so often with one another that they will be able to anticipate one another's movements and will act accordingly. The lives of their pack members is nestled onto their shoulders because they are the ones who keep the others fed.

Females: 1
Males: 1

Female: Angel (jackie88654)
Male: Nightmare (Panther5324)

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Silent Night Shadows
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