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 Clean Up for the Starry Silence Pack!

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Shining Star - Alpha Female

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PostSubject: Clean Up for the Starry Silence Pack!   Tue Feb 21, 2012 2:49 pm

Alright guys, on the Wolfquest thread I said that we are doing a clean up so here are the details regarding it!

Quote :
So this pack of mine has also died out. However, I refuse to let it go completely so we are having a cleaning out. This activity check will remove those who are inactive and keep those who are. The final date to check in and say you are still with the Starry Silence pack will be March 8, 2012. I will be sending out PMs to all the members and those that respond by posting here will be safe. I hope that I see a lot of you back here!

You must post on the Wolfquest thread stating you are active and still wish to be a part of this pack!
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Clean Up for the Starry Silence Pack!
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