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 Debate/ Idea for new RolePlay.

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PostSubject: Debate/ Idea for new RolePlay.   Mon Feb 27, 2012 12:28 pm

So, I saw the post on a new event as Pandora requested:

Quote :
I've noticed too. I think we should have our first Roleplay

event. Do you guys have any suggestions on what the

event should be?

-- Pandora

I had the idea of having a pack ceremony or rp on the chatbox. Yes, i know people will ask how this will work since many of us have different time- zones. Well, if the leaders would like to attempt this idea, i could have a topic so all of us can post our time-zone s and i could figure out when the best time to have this meeting/rp. Anything else to add? Post here ;)
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Debate/ Idea for new RolePlay.
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