The stars are silent, but we fill the night air with our songs.
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 Teller of the Stars

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Shining Star - Alpha Male
Shining Star - Alpha Male

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PostSubject: Teller of the Stars   Tue Dec 06, 2011 3:11 am

This wolf has a most unique ability. At certain times, they are able to glimpse into the future and see the events that are to come. This is a valuable asset to the pack and can help save many lives. Only one wolf can have this ability at once and they hold a great deal of responsiblity. If they decide not to share this gift, it can lead to destruction and chaos. There are many ups and downs to this position, it just takes the right wolf to fill it.

Females: 1

Teller of the Stars: Tangle (Honeywhisker)

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Teller of the Stars
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